Online Safety at St Thomas More


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At St Thomas More Catholic Primary School Online Safety is embedded within the school’s computing curriculum. We follow the below key principles and recognise the importance of teaching our children to keep safe online, but also teach them how to behave responsibly online. Their knowledge is developed through the years groups and is age appropriate. In addition to Online Safety being taught through the curriculum, we deliver assemblies and participate in Internet Safety Day every year.

Key Principles -

  • Creating a culture that incorporates the principles of online safety across all elements of school life
  • Proactively engaging staff, pupils and parents/carers
  • Reviewing and maintaining the online safety principles
  • Embedding the online safety principles
  • Modelling the online safety principles consistently


Online safety is taught in every year group using 'Purple Mash's' programme:

 yr 1 Knowledge Organiser Unit 1.1 - Online Safety.pdfDownload
 yr 2 Knowledge Organiser Unit 2.2 - Online Safety.pdfDownload
 yr 3 Knowledge Organiser Unit 3.2 - Online Safety.pdfDownload
 yr 4 Knowledge Organiser Unit 4.2 - Online Safety.pdfDownload
 yr 5 Knowledge Organiser Unit 5.2 - Online Safety.pdfDownload
 yr 6 Knowledge Organiser Unit 6.2 - Online Safety.pdfDownload
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