KS2 Reading


At KS2, children continue to use the Oxford Reading Tree scheme to read and further understand a wide range of genres and text types.  Children will continue to work towards targets at each level of Oxford Reading Tree. These texts ensure that de-coding and comprehension skills are developed at a pace to suit each child. Readers who are more competent are encouraged to choose their own books as they work towards becoming a ‘Free Reader’ in Year 5 or 6.

Children are able to attend school library sessions on a weekly basis. During this time, children can experience a range of book genres, which they can read for pleasure.

In school, children read with an adult regularly.  How this is done depends upon the age and ability of the child.  The types of reading include individual, shared, guided and independent reading, as appropriate for the child, text and learning objectives.

In Year 5 and 6, children participate in ‘Reciprocal Reading’, which helps them to become more independent. Each child takes on a role within their reading group (predictor, summariser, questioner, clarifier and the ‘big boss’). This reading technique fosters children’s independence, understanding of texts and teamwork skills.

Children learn best when home and school work together. Parents are encouraged to hear their children read regularly at home.  Parents and children can spend time enjoying a book together; not simply decoding words but discussing the text and checking a child’s understanding.  This will enhance a child’s love of reading and improve their writing too. Top tips for reading at home can be found on our class pages on the school website.