Rascals Afterschool Club

Rascals after school club provides a safe and secure environment, which offers different activities which reflect on the child’s voice.
15:15 to 18:00:
15:15 to 16:15 - £3.00
15:15 to 17:15 - £6.20
15:15 to 18:15 - £7.20

This price includes a meal for children who stay from 4:15 - 6.00. Any child that does not require our services after 4:15 will still be offered a snack.


At Rascals after school club, healthy eating guidelines are followed. We review our menu every term and we aim to meet the requirements of all children in our care.

Children also have the option to substitute any day’s menu, with a cold meal or two slices of toast with a spread.

Please be advised that children who require our services from 4:15 - 6:00pm will be served first.

Children who are booked in from 3:15 - 4:15 who remain in our care beyond this time, will still have the option to have a meal, however this will incur a charge.

A typical menu at Rascals includes the following;

- Sausages and beans
- Chicken or Vegetable Korma curry
- Pasta served with either cheese, ham or tuna
- Cheese Toasties
- Bacon rolls
- Pizza
- Burgers
- Fruit (Strawberries, Raspberries, Melon, Watermelon and more)
- Yogurts

Rascals after school club will meet every child’s dietary requirements wherever possible.


At Rascals we understand and acknowledge the importance of early childhood development, which is why we have currently introduced our new 2020 “Child’s voice” box, which gives every child the opportunity to write on a piece of paper of activities, foods or ideas they may have to enhance their development. Rascals has majority of activities covered, however we encourage parents as well to have an input on activities they would like their child to get involved with.

We have a variety of activities such as;

- Board games
- Bowling
- Doll houses
- Drawing
- Adult led activities
- Outdoor play
- Jenga
- Lego
- Building blocks
- Just dance
- Musical statues
And more.

Rascals encourage all children to get involved with activities, however after a long day at school, we recognise that some children may require some chilled out time, which is why we also offer film options, various reading books at different stages. We also provide a comfy sofa for children to relax on.


We will not tolerate any bullying, threatening, aggressive or confrontational behaviour from any individual. At Rascals we have a duty of care to ensure that every child and staff members feel safe and secure. Our club is a place of safety, care and security.

Rascals reserve the right to exclude any child who displays inappropriate behaviour from our site.

Rascals promote positive behaviour by regularly praising and rewarding positive acts of kindness, as well as positive reinforcement.

We as a team understand that some behaviour may occur, for reasons that are not always evident, or as a result of special needs. Rascals will be flexible to accommodate such case.

Parents should talk to a member of staff if they have any concerns
Lateness –  This will be discussed directly with the parent/guardian

I am always open to discuss any concerns before the start of club on any day :)

Kind regards

For more information and availability, please contact the office on 01634 864701 or 07444 835923.