Mindfulness in schools can help children not only to manage difficulties but also to flourish.

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Wellbeing and Mental Health

As well as helping children to recognise worry, manage difficulties and cope with stresses such as tests or exams, developing a more mindful awareness also helps children and to appreciate what is going well in their lives and to flourish.

Concentration and Cognition

Mindfulness help us to understand and direct our attention with greater awareness and skill. This may improve the capacity of children to concentrate and be less distracted.



Social and Emotional Learning

Mindfulness can also be taught in the context of PSHE. It helps to develop a greater awareness of relationships, in and out of school, and how to manage them as well as offering a richer understanding of things like self-esteem and optimism.


Mindfulness may help the children to self-regulate more effectively, recognise their range of feelings, manage impulsivity and reduce conflict and oppositional behaviour.