St Thomas More Catholic Primary School recognises the importance of providing a Christian ethos and environment within school that will help children to feel safe, secure and respected; encourage them to talk openly; and enable them to feel confident that they will be listened to. All those directly connected have an essential role to play in making it safe and secure.

Our school's Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Le Breton and our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Deamer. 

If you have any immediate concerns about your child's safety or any other safeguarding issues, or you are worried about a child, you can contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead at school via the school office.

Our weekly newsletter has its own Safeguarding section with links to useful sites such as Childline, NSPCC, Staying Safe Online, Medway Safeguarding Children's Board and National Online Safety if you have concerns or are worried about a child outside of school hours.



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