Year 5



 Curriculum Evening 2020-21




Year 5 - Term 1 


On Monday 27th September, Year 5 were very fortunate to receive a visit from Dr Keeble.

Dr Keeble is a scientist and works for King's College London. She has been responsible for sending 30 experiments into space, to the International Space Station (one of which Tim Peak conducted) and works closely with NASA.

Year 5 children listened intently about her work, what life is like for astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) and how space travel has evolved over time. Dr Keeble explained to the children how the astronauts struggle to taste food on the ISS so children enjoyed putting themselves in their shoes and challenged themselves to guess the skittle flavour. Also, children investigated how spacecrafts are launched at an angle so that they travel around the earth in orbit. 

Year 5 were lucky enough to have a visit from Dr Keeble, a lecturer in Pharmacology at Kings College in London, who posed some of our space questions to a NASA astronaut 'Steve Swanson' and a NASA 'Electrical Engineer'. The videos below show their responses.



Maths Objectives      

Most children learn to:

  • Explain what each digit represents in whole numbers and decimals with up to two places, and partition, round and order these numbers
  • Use knowledge of place value and addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers to derive sums and differences and doubles and halves of decimals
  • Use efficient written methods to add and subtract whole numbers and decimals with up to two places
  • Read and plot coordinates in the first quadrant; recognise parallel and perpendicular line in grids and shapes; use a set-square and ruler to draw shapes with perpendicular or parallel sides
  • Draw and measure lines to the nearest millimetre; measure and calculate the perimeter of regular and irregular polygons' use the formula for the area of a rectangle to calculate the rectangle's area
  • Construct frequencies of events and changes over time 


See below for recommended reading lists, reading top tips, books covered in class and spelling lists.

Recommended Reading List                            Reading Top Tips                                             Spelling List

Please find the books covered throughout Year 5.

These books are subject to change. Please avoid reading these books at home as they will be covered in class.