Hall Display Boards


This term, our Hall Display Boards are focusing on the environment, below are images of work the students have produced!

Year 1: We investigated climate change and the effect it has on the polar ice caps!
Year 2: We learned about the impact of mistreating our world on elephants. We wrote lettings explaining how we will help!

Year 3: We explored the impact of deforestation on orangutans. We were alarmed to discover 50% of supermarket products contain palm oil!

Year 4: We were inspired by 'The Trouble with Dragons', we wrote to a panda to apologise for the deforestation we have caused!

Year 5: We have thoroughly enjoyed researching the impacts of overfishing and the effects on the marine wildlife. We wrote letters explaining our awareness and how we can make change!

Year 6: We were shocked by the impact of plastic pollution on sea turtles in oceans across the world. We wrote letters to the turtles explaining how deeply sorry we were for our behaviour and passionately explained how small environmentally friendly changes can make such a difference!