Inclusive Schools Quality Mark

The Medway Inclusive Schools Quality Mark is an award given to schools demonstrating inclusive practice. These schools do their best to welcome all pupils, to understand, respect and celebrate the achievements of all pupils, whether in test results, in sport, music or personal achievement, sometimes against the odds.

An inclusive school goes out of its way to cater for disability, to assist pupils whose first language is not English or to meet the needs of pupils with challenging behaviour.

The Quality Mark looks at three aspects of school life:

  • an inclusive ethos, which welcomes all staff, pupils and parents and aims to work in real partnership to achieve the best for all;
  • inclusive policies, which describe how the school will achieve these aims;
  • inclusive practices, which show in day-to-day terms how this will be put into practice.

An example of this would be:

  • the welcome that the school offers a pupil with a disability;
  • the policy that describes how disabled pupils will be catered for;
  • the day-to-day practices that ensure the child can move safely around the school, join friends at break times, have personal care needs met and have specialised resources or teaching support to enable him or her to learn.

Schools are often judged by test results and these are important but it is also important to recognise schools' achievements in areas of work that cannot be measured. The Inclusive School Quality Mark is a recognisition and celebration of this work.