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Maths Challenge


Each week, every class in the school is given the same photo. They pose maths questions about it and, if time, have a go at solving some of them. The questions posed and language used will be guided and developed by the teacher to reflect the age and ability of the children. In preparation for assembly on Friday, each class presents their best 5 questions to the school, ready for judging.





Week 1




  1. What colour is the shortest boots?
  2. How many boots is there in total?
  3. Choose a pair of boots and describe them without saying the colour?




Week 2



  1. How many days in January, February and March?
  2. How many days are Saturdays?
  3. What is strange about the 29th February?
  4. How many even numbers are in February?  




Week 3



  1. What is the ratio of flowers to hearts? Write this in its simplest form.
  2. If there are 18 cookies and each cookie has 17 grams of flour in them, how much flour have I used?
  3. How many love hearts are there? Then put it as a percentage.
  4. If there are 18 biscuits and one biscuit costs 95p how much is 18 biscuits?
  5. If the flowers are 20p and the hearts are 50p, how much is it all together?



Week 4




  1. Total the cupcakes and x100
  2. If we cut the chocolate cakes into 1/4 how many quarters would we have?
  3. If each cake has 3.5g of sugar, how much sugar is there in this batch of cakes?
  4. It takes 15 minutes to cook the chocolate cupcakes, 15 minutes to cook the strawberry cupcakes and 25 minutes to cook the vanilla cupcakes. How long does it take in hours and minutes to bake in total? 

 Week 5

  1. What shapes can you see?
  2. How many men are cleaning the cars?
  3. How many different colours are there?
  4. If there were 4 more cars waiting to be washed, how many cars are there altogether?
  5. What percentage of the cars are being washed?
  6. If it takes 25 minutes to wash 1 car, how long will it take to wash all of them?

 Week 6

  1.  Count the flowers then x by 20.
  2. What is the fraction of pink flowers compared to the other coloured flowers?
  3. If 1 flower needed 2 litres, how much water would we need to water 5 flowers?
  4. The ratio of pink to white flowers is 2:1. How many pink flowers would there be if there were 435 white flowers?
  5. I have a shelf that is 43.68cm long. 1 plant pot is 6.24cm. How many plants can I fit on the shelf?

 Week 7

  1.  The race begins at 11:47 and takes 41 minutes. What time does it end?
  2. What is the mean of the numbers which are on the people with blue t-shirts?
  3. If one person ran 3 miles, how many miles would it be if 17 people ran?
  4. It has taken 25 minutes to run 1 mile. There are 26 miles in the race. How long will it take to finish the race?

 Week 8

  1. If the Queen is 90 years old, in what year was she born?
  2. If the Queen is 90 this year, how old will she be in 16 years?
  3. How many pairs of parallel lines can you find?
  4. If you count how many great grandchildren there is and times it by 2, how many children would there be?

 Week 9

  1. If the wall is 1.5 meters high, estimate how high the boy has jumped?
  2. What angle in degrees is the boy's leg positioned?
  3. How many bricks are in the wall?

 Week 10

  1. If this is half of the duck family, how many are there in total?
  2. If the ducks need to walk 100 meters and have walked 64, how many do they have left?
  3. If the ducks start walking at 12:15 and their journey takes 50 minutes, what time will they arrive at their destination?

 Week 11

  1. How many feet are in the picture?
  2. What fraction of people are wearing striped tops?
  3. If every person gets three pieces of cake, how many pieces of cake are there in total?

 Week 12

  1.  The ride was 2.40 minutes long and they extended the ride by 1.35 minutes, how long is the new ride in minutes?
  2. If it took 1/8 of the day to build and they are 1/2 way into building. How much longer do they have to build?
  3. If there were 125 seats and 305 people wanted to come on, how many people can't come on the roller-coaster?