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Year 6

Mrs Hall, Miss Jones and Mrs Le Breton









The principal focus of Mathematics teaching in upper key stage 2 is to ensure that your child extends their understanding of the number system and place value to include larger numbers. This should develop the connections that they make between multiplication and division with fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio.

At this stage, they should develop their ability to solve a wider range of problems, including increasingly complex properties of numbers and arithmetic, and problems demanding efficient written and mental methods of calculation. With this foundation in arithmetic, they are introduced to the language of algebra as a means of solving a variety of problems. Teaching in geometry and measures should consolidate and extend knowledge developed in number. Teaching should also ensure that your child can classify shapes with increasingly complex geometric properties and that they learn the vocabulary they need to describe them.

By the end of year 6, children should be fluent in written methods for all four operations, including long multiplication and division, and in working with fractions, decimals and percentages.

Your child should read, spell and pronounce mathematical vocabulary correctly. 



 Literacy Objectives


The 12 strands of learning give a board overview of the Literacy curriculum in the primary

phase. Learning objectives are matched to the strands to demonstrate progression in each

one. The 12 strands can found by clicking the following link:



Power of Reading Texts


The highly successful Power of Reading project enhances children’s pleasure in reading. It raises children’s achievement through literature and its creative use in the classroom. This year we will enjoy reading:

We also look at a range of non-fiction books linked to our topics as well as books which interest us
 Themes are designed to inspire children through an imaginative curriculum. Each theme promotes:
- Community cohesion
- Enterprise skills
- Enviromental understanding
- Spiritual and moral development

The themes are designed in line with the Curriculum 2000 and cover all of the current content for Geography, History, Design and Technology and Art. Each theme is designed to be used in conjunction with 'key skills' to help teach them at the right level. Our themes in year 6 are:
       Extreme Enviroments                  World Wars 1 and 2                  The Aztecs
                                                      The Stone Age and The Iron Age



This year our science topics are:

- Animal Adaptations

- Light
- Electricity
- Biology of Humans and Animals
- Living Things and Their Habitats